Callaway Razr X Black Driver

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We got a hold of one of Callaway’s new Razr X Black drivers and were excited to take it right out on the course.

Callaway’s bringing in some heavy artillery with the Razr X Black.  It’s designed with a material that’s lighter than titanium and their Forged Composite controls clubhead thickness making the X lighter and more stable than previous drivers.

They also added distance trajectory weighting to optomize the center of gravity, streamlined surface that reduces drag to help promote greater clubhead speeds, and their Speed Frame face technology which creates a bigger sweet spot and greater ball speeds.

So all of this wrapped up gave us a pretty sweet driver to test.  It seems like Callaway likes to make composite drivers and they are getting better at it as this is the best one we’ve hit so far.

The feel of this driver is very stable throughout the whole swing which made every swing feel really consistent.  This consistency continued with most of our shots as impact off the toe and heel of the club seemed to end up in pretty good spots on the course.

Callaway’s Razr X Black combines a good looking all black club that’s easy to line up, with solid consistent feel, better accuracy on mis-hit shots, the ability to shape shots, and gives good to above average distance.

We felt the Razr X  is a good improvement from the Razr Hawk.  Once this hits the market I highly recommend taking it out for a try.

Grab one today from one of our preferred merchants, Global Golf, Rock Bottom Golf, or 3 Balls.

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