Rory McIlroy Excited to Defend at BMW Masters, Shanghai

Last year, Rory McIlroy won a huge pot of Gold from an event in Malaysia called “Shanghai Masters.”It awarded him a huge chunk worth $2 million from the $5 million purse.

mcIlroy Rory McIlroy Excited to Defend at BMW Masters, Shanghai

Today, the tournament is now known as the BMW Masters and is taking place a week before the HSBC Champions on October 25-28 in the same area at Lake Malaren, Shanghai.

McIlroy will be defending his Title as the champion, but this time it’s an official European Tour event, and now the biggest purse on the Tour with over $7 million at stake!

“I’m already looking forward to tee off, Thanks to the involvement of BMW, the tournament will now be one of the very best events in the world. That obviously makes it all the more exciting to defend my title there.” McIlroy says.

The BMW Masters will certainly have all eyes on it in late October as 78 of the top 100 players are expected goin the field. If McIloy thinks this is exciting, then it will be well worth the wait.

Published: April 27, 2012

Author: Diane Araga

Diane Araga

Diane Araga

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