Rickie Fowler Aims for Win No. 2

When Rickie Fowler won his first PGA Tour title last Sunday against Rory McIlroy and DA Points, it didn’t surprise many people. In fact, most people had been expecting this 23 year old professional to win his first tournament, they just didn’t know when it was going to come.

fowler Rickie Fowler Aims for Win No. 2

Fowler’s win should be good for The Player’s Championship this week at the TPC Sawgrass as it will bring the Tour some momentum.

But Fowler is not one who will rest on his laurels, especially after winning just one tournament. His caddie, Joe Skovron, said that they need to get even better.

“We both know that. Just because he won once doesn’t mean we’re done working,” added Skovron.

Fowler’s buddy since he was 5 years old also declared, “He’s 23, he knew a win was coming, and he’s handled it great. And now we’ll work to get win No. 2.”

It seems that we have a new star to watch out for.

Published: May 10, 2012

Author: Diane Araga

Diane Araga

Diane Araga

Diane graduated from Miriam College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and from the Fashion Institute of the Philipines with a major in design. She spends much of her free time making websites and experimenting with html layouts, and even donates her time at mommygetscranky.com to help single parents. Work and hobbies fall a distant second to her favorite thing to do, which is spending time with her daughter.
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