Triumph Displays the Perfect Golf Bra

In an effort to appeal to golfers, Triumph Japan has unveiled its latest lingerie innovation called the “Nice Cup in Bra”. Made up of a top and skirt combo, this lingerie can convert readily into golf cups, grass mat and flag.

golf2 Triumph Displays the Perfect Golf Bra

Thus, if the wearer was in the mood for golf, she simply used her top as her very own mini-golf course.

For instance, upon reversing the green top, the bra cups can be used as golf holes. Furthermore, tucked away on the the flipside is a 1.5 meter long green putting mat.

The thoughtful designer has also added in slots for golf balls and tee onto the handy top.

golf bra Triumph Displays the Perfect Golf Bra

And, perhaps keeping in mind the self-conscious golfer, the cups are also fitted with speakers containing a pre-recorded message. Thus, they will congratulate any successful putting event with the phrase ”Nice Shot’!

The finicky golfer will cherish the rest of this lingerie, namely the tiny skirt printed with the words “Be Quiet”.

In theory, if spectators are making too much noise, the wearer is supposed to whip off the rest of her lingerie and brandish it as a flag.


Published: December 24, 2011

Author: Kairay Yan

Kairay Yan

Kairay Yan

Kairay has always enjoyed the game of Golf, even as a novice player. A mixed passion for offbeat and exciting articles, leads to a mixture of fun and interesting Golf related content.

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