Keegan Bradley’s Spitting Sparks Twitter Debate

Keegan Bradley’s pre-shot routine has sparked controversy with some of the golfing world and broadcaster Denis Pugh. Pugh opened up about his distaste over Bradley’s pre-shot spitting routine, yup, spitting.

A few of Pugh’s tweets read, “Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, OK to spit in USA? If so how did you let that happen America?”

“In USA where & when is spitting not appropriate? Church? Dinner table? Ladies present? Full view of HD TV camera? There must be a time not 2do?”

Bradley was apologetic with a single tweet,

2 21 2012 10 46 09 PM Keegan Bradleys Spitting Sparks Twitter Debate

Pugh is still tweeting about the incident and the current problem that he sees on the course and pro tour today. Some of his main concerns are slow play, on air DQ’s, and he even thinks that pro golf needs its own set of rules. It’s pretty interesting stuff and the debate is even more interesting.

Here’s his tweet that started it all,

2 21 2012 10 51 01 PM Keegan Bradleys Spitting Sparks Twitter Debate

After good debate on Twitter, Pugh then channeled tweets to Bradley’s sponsor Cleveland and they answered.

Cleveland Golf tweeted, ”We support Keegan whether he spits or not!”

“We proudly stand by Keegan, as we have since he was on the Hooters Tour.”

Then the company brought in the PR team and went the politically correct way tweeting,

“We know that he has a few quirks during his pre-shot routine, just like a lot of us, and he’s working very hard to overcome the spitting. We look forward to seeing Keegan in a Cleveland visor for many years to come.”

2 21 2012 11 58 57 PM Keegan Bradleys Spitting Sparks Twitter Debate

I’ve only heard of a spitting incident once before and that involved Tiger Woods during the final round of the 2011 Dubai Desert Classic. Woods also went to Twitter to voice his apologies.

Woods tweeted, ”The Euro Tour is right. It was inconsiderate to spit like that and I know better. Just wasn’t thinking and want to say I’m sorry.”

Keegan’s a young kid who grew up watching the Boston Red Sox and I would imagine that no one’s more to blame than Nomar Garciaparra for his quirky pre-shot routine and spitting.

Published: February 22, 2012

Author: Tim Schwartz

Tim Schwartz

Tim Schwartz

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