Josh Beckett Receives Fan Backlash After Golfing

We all know that professional athletes play golf from time to time. In fact, Michael Jordan used to do it. But nobody questioned his commitment to basketball even when he was playing golf and performing poorly in playoff games.

redsox becket Josh Beckett Receives Fan Backlash After Golfing

Too bad for Josh Becket that Red Sox, fans as not forgiving as Bulls fans.

The die hard fanatics, of Boston, questioned his commitment to the team when reports surfaced that he played a round of golf when he was supposed to be resting at home because of an injury… It was his day off and he was scratched the night before as a coaches decision.

In fact, Beckett was not helpful to the team during their game against Cleveland the day after he played golf. He got shelled as the Indians built a 7-1 lead in just 2 1/3 innings before Beckett was pulled from the game.

Bobby Valentine, Boston’s manager, gave an excuse for Beckett. Valentine said he “didn’t think his injury would be made worse by golfing.”

However, the Boston manager also understood why fans reacted the way they did. He said, “I was told there was a lot of negative feelings about last year. The first month of play, we haven’t done anything to erase those feelings. We have to play better and I think it will get better.”

red sox Josh Beckett Receives Fan Backlash After Golfing

Beckett has been in the crosshairs of fans for quite some time. It was reported that he was included in the group that ate fried chicken and drank beer during games which they did not play.

His only chance to redeem himself is to play well. He must be able to make the Red Sox fans believe in him again. It also wouldn’t hurt his cause if he got rid of his poor defensive attitude.

Published: May 14, 2012

Author: Diane Araga

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Diane Araga

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