Alligator at the RBC Heritage vs. Caddie Kip Henley’s Rake (Video)

An alligator was just trying to catch some rays during Thursday’s round of the RBC Heritage. The problem was that it chose a spot right next to Brian Gay’s ball. Luckily Gay’s caddie Kip Henley, equipped with nothing but a rake, was there to save the day. Let’s hope Henley gets a nice bonus for this one.

4 13 2012 10 12 20 AM 380x245 Alligator at the RBC Heritage vs. Caddie Kip Henleys Rake (Video)

Published: April 13, 2012

Author: Wesley Roberts

Wesley Roberts

Wesley Roberts

Wesley's a freelance writer with a passion for golf and all things delicious, he loves good food, drinks, and top lifestyle trends. His busy life doesn't afford him the opportunity to golf very often, but when he does, it's usually alone at dusk.

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