My Dog Ate My Masters Ticket

Have you ever heard people actually say “My dog ate my homework?” How about “My dog ate my Masters Tickets?” As legendary as this alibi can be, an avid golf fan named Russ Berkman proves that this can actually happen!

Before tickets My Dog Ate My Masters Ticket

It was a treat for Berkman who won four Masters practice round tickets from the lottery but apparently, his dog thought the same thing.

Sierra My Dog Ate My Masters Ticket

“When I walked into the house, I noticed there were a few strings on my hardwood floors, It looked to be the strings that were connected to my Masters tickets.”

after tickets My Dog Ate My Masters Ticket

The night before Wednesday’s practice round, his Swiss Mountain dog “Sierra” decided to take all four tickets as doggy treats while he was at the store. Desperate enough, he fed the dog hydrogen peroxide to make her barf! Don’t worry, it’s safe!

dog barf My Dog Ate My Masters Ticket

The plan worked but “Each ticket was probably in roughly 20 pieces,” he said. It took him two hours to get the tickets back from Sierra and put them together. “It came out pretty well. We got about 70% of all four tickets put together,” he said.

puzzle tickets My Dog Ate My Masters Ticket

After recovering the tickets, he called officials in Augusta National and he was lucky enough to be issued 4 new tickets, thanks to his funny dog experience!

After puzzle tickets My Dog Ate My Masters Ticket

Published: April 09, 2012

Author: Diane Araga

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Diane Araga

Diane Araga

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