Save Money Golfing – 1 Simple Trick for Huge Savings

Golf is an expensive game and for this reason many of us can’t play as much as we’d like to, and when we do it’s on a budget.  My goal is to help you save money, so you, your family, and friends can hit the links more often.

When looking to save money I always start at the place that makes the biggest impact on my wallet.  With golf it’s the tee time, greens fee, round, or whatever you want to call it.

The round of golf, usually with a cart these days, that you pay for will be the biggest expense of the day.  This is where you’re going to save the most money by booking your tee times online.

Save Money Golfing 1 Simple Trick for Huge Savings Save Money Golfing   1 Simple Trick for Huge Savings

In the above example I took a screen shot from,, the best place to book tee times that I know of.  This image shows that the 7:51 AM tee time saves you $25 per person compared to the 7:42 AM and the 8:25 AM times.  This is noted by the orange “Hot Deal” icon.

Here’s how it works.  Every course that offers tee times with has to give them a certain number of tee times every day, usually two, to sell at their will.  This is how makes their money, they get to keep the proceeds from the times they sell, so they discount them!

The discounted tee times are notated with the orange “Hot Deal” icon.  To book this time you will have to prepay online with a credit card.

Q:  If the “Hot Deal” tee time is sold out for the day why book online?

In the image below none of these morning tee times have a “Hot Deal” offered.  They do, however, offer enticing deals from the golf courses to try to get you to book online.

In this example if you called Champions Gate to make a tee time it would cost you $100.  If you book online the course is offering you that same tee time for $85, plus they’re giving you a bucket of range balls which costs around $5.00.

The cart is usually included these days whether you pay $100 or $85, so they’re just notating it and the GPS is on the cart, again they’re just providing you with the info.  So without the “Hot Deal” you still would save $20!

cg1 Save Money Golfing   1 Simple Trick for Huge Savings

Q:  With only two “Hot Deals” will they actually ever be available?

Yes!  I found the below “Hot Deal” at Disney’s Palm course last night…Everything is always booked at Disney.

The true beauty this is that 90% of golfers still call in to the golf course to make their tee time reservation.  This is where you win, here’s an example.

Say you’re going to play somewhere between 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM and the course has tee times every nine minutes.  That means the course is offering 40 tee time slots between those hours (160 total players in groups of 4).  90% of them will call in or walk in.  That means you’re competing for the “Hot Deal” with 16 golfers or possibly only 12 if you have a full foursome.  And with two “Hot Deals” out there your chances improve even more.

addd Save Money Golfing   1 Simple Trick for Huge Savings

Here’s one last little trick to get an edge up on the other golfers trying to steal the “Hot Deal” from you.

The majority of the golf courses only allow tee time booking on one week in advance, so do a little investigative work with the courses that you like to play and see when updates their listings.

You might find that every Friday at 3:00 PM tee times for the next 7 days are posted.  If you know this, then you will most likely get the “Hot Deal” every time!

Here’s a cool little list of the possible perks you could see when you’re booking your tee time on  I have seen many of these together.  If memory serves me right the best deal I ever saw included free meal, free drink/beer, and free range balls and about 40% off the tee time.

12 5 2011 8 46 56 PM Save Money Golfing   1 Simple Trick for Huge Savings

With the holiday’s coming up, hopefully you’ll get to save some money next time you hit the links.

Published: December 06, 2011

Author: Jake Filan

Jake Filan

Jake Filan

Jake started his trek in the golf business when the golf bags were bigger than him. He is our Senior Editor and has played and worked in golf all over the world. In the end he decides what is displayed and published on this site.
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